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Textured wood flooring refers to surfaces that have been intentionally manipulated or treated to create a tactile texture or pattern. This is done to give a unique aesthetic to your space. Textured wood flooring can be a great choice for those looking for an added touch of personality to their interiors.

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Handscraped wood flooring mimics the look of old, worn floors that have been manually scraped by hand. This creates a rustic and distressed appearance, with irregular grooves and marks that give each plank a unique character.

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Wire-brushed wood flooring is brushed with a wire bristle to remove the softer parts of the wood's grain. This technique enhances the wood's natural grain pattern, providing a textured, weathered look. It's less aggressive than handscraping but still offers a rustic feel.

Distressed final.heic


Distressed wood flooring is intentionally treated to simulate the wear and tear of time. This can include various techniques such as hammering, sanding, and scraping to create a timeworn appearance.



Antiqued wood flooring is designed to resemble aged wood that has gained character over many years. It often features a combination of scraping, staining, and other treatments to achieve an aged and weathered look.

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Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood flooring is made from recycled wood, often sourced from old barns, warehouses, or other structures. The wood's history and patina can create a unique textured appearance.

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